Financial Protection - GetMeToTheAlps


Financial Protection

We are members of the Travel Trust Association (TTA), membership number Q0405. All members must operate a trust account into which all customer monies are held. If you make a booking with us your payment will go straight into the trust account. The trust account is operated by the TTA trustees and we have no control over it. 

Your money is held in the trust account for you until:

1.      We pay for your flight, in which case, the money relating to the flight is paid to us once we take out supplier failure cover on the provider of your flight (so that your money is insured).

2.      If the flight provider is an ATOL holder then the trustees can pay for your flight direct from the trust account as your flight is fully covered by the suppliers ATOL.

3.      The trustees pay for another element of your holiday direct from the trust account if we have taken out supplier failure cover on the provider of the holiday element (so your money is insured)

4.      We pay for an element of your holiday from the trust account to a supplier who is also a TTA member (no supplier failure cover required)

5.      You return from your holiday having received all the services, at which point, all remaining monies are released to us.

If any of the suppliers of your holiday should go into insolvency then, in the case of an ATOL holder, you will be receive an alternative or a refund for the cost of your flight. If the supplier does not hold an ATOL then we will have taken out supplier failure cover on your monies and we will either use that money to acquire a suitable alternative, or refund you.

In the unlikely event of our insolvency all monies in the trust account will be held be the trustees until a provider of your holiday requires payment, at which point they will pay and take out any supplier failure cover if required.



ATOL Licence

We have an ATOL licence (T7465) which will cover all Flight Plus bookings made with us. A Flight Plus booking is where you purchase through us, at the same time or within a day of each other, a flight plus overseas accommodation and/or car hire from separate suppliers as separate bookings.

The money you pay for a Flight Plus booking (excluding card surcharges and our own service fees) is protected under the ATOL flight plus scheme which means in the unlikely event of our insolvency, or that of the suppliers, your holiday (or a suitable alternative) will still be provided to you OR a refund will be paid back to you.